Gl├╝ck Auf!

Ring - silver 925/000, gold setting 750/000, mandarin garnet faceted, oval
Earrings - silver 925/000, multicoloured sapphires, rose cut, drop shape
Pendant - silver setting 925/000, gold coin 750/000, fine citrine chain facetted
Ring - silver 925/000, aquamarine, faceted, antique
Earrings - 2-piece, 750/000 gold, beryl, cabochons and faceted, oval
Bracelet - silver 925/000, agate crystal, uwarowith, cobalt calcite, round - crystalline stones
Ring - silver 925/000, gold setting 750/000, prehnite cabochon, round
Pendant - silver 925/000, smoky quartz disc rectangular, image: woman's head
Bracelet - Rock crystal with rutile, gold rutile, beads, faceted, 750/000 gold
Dear jewelry friends,

here you can get a first impression of my jewelry,
let yourself be inspired!

New works are constantly being created in my studio,
which I will happily present to you in person.

I look forward to your visit!

Cordially, Gudrun Meyer